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Sites with Video increase conversion by 30%.
- L2 Specialty report

Flick Fusion Technologies
7733 Douglas Avenue
Urbandale, IA 50322
Toll Free: (800) 247-2502
Local: (515) 333-4337

Smart Flicks

Overjoy your customers with offers in our Overlays.

Rebate and Incentive Overlays

Our Smart Flicks incorporate real-time rebate and incentive offers into any new-inventory vehicle video for your customers. And it's done automatically.

Our Smart Flicks deliver:

  • Comprehensive rebate and incentive data dynamically integrated into new inventory videos-including consumer rebates, APR, bonus cash, and even free satellite radio offers
  • The most accurate information based on your dealership's ZIP code
  • Real-time automatic data updates-no more worries about outdated info
  • Enticing calls to action for your customers-who can in turn take advantage of great rebates and incentives
To see our Smart Flicks, click here.

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