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Visitors who viewed product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not.
- Internet Retailer

Flick Fusion Technologies
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Text-to-Speech Videos (TTS)

Speak now. Or let TTS Video do it for you.

Text-to-Speech Videos

Our Text-to-Speech Videos (TTS) do all of the work for you with computer-generated, human-sounding narration, merged with smooth in-motion images of your inventory and its features.

Our TTS Video delivers:

  • Professional-sounding narration in a lady's or a gentleman's voice, describing the attributes of your inventory
  • A true streaming video that showcases your inventory in engaging images, reinforced by automatically generated audio
  • An automatic TTS script with a description that's unique so your videos will always be unique-if you prefer, you can provide any script you want with your dealership's special offers, incentives, or any other details
  • A finished video with high-quality audio that can be easily integrated into any website
To see and hear our Text-To-Speech Video for yourself, click on these examples:
Male Sample
Female Sample

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